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Registry of DivorzioTemporaneo.It
Protocol Nr.: 20170916180955-65
Created: Sat 16 September 2017 18:09:55
Expiration: Sun 17 September 2017 00:09:55
Temporary Divorce Certificate between:
Abyrvalgnot Abyrvalgnot
Abyrvalgnot Abyrvalgnot

The Undersigned Virtual Notary hereby attests that
On 16 September 2017, At 18:09:55
Abyrvalgnot Abyrvalgnot
initiated the procedure for a Temporary Divorce Certificate, with immediate execution, against
Abyrvalgnot Abyrvalgnot
during 6 hours
giving no reasons.
Current Status:
- Closed -

In witness hereof
the Virtual Notary